Education is more important than ever, students are overwhelmed or underserved.  Either way, we want to supplement with fun electrical maker projects that get hands on with engineering and art...all of STEAM!


We specialize in workshops for sewing with electronics, soldering, motor projects, programming, and paper circuits.

On-going Projects

What We’re Doing

Company Profile

Tenaya Hurst - Rogue Making


Founded: 2014

Owner:Tenaya Hurst

Located: Silicon Valley, California, USA 

Areas of expertise: 
Education, Electricity, Wearable Tech, Arduino Programming, Performing, Hosting, Team Building, Fashion Shows!

Sunnyvale Public Library
Working in collaboration with the amazing librarians in Sunnyvale, Tenaya helped to create the Make-HER program, a grant funded set of free workshops for young girls and their mom's or female maker mentor!  Tenaya also helps to lead a technological #CommunityQuilt project.  Combining old maker skills with the new!

Universidad Galileo - Guatemala
You may have heard Tenaya mention her love of Guatemala, ever since she visited the country in conjunction with an archaeological dig she worked on in Belize. Tenaya loves the Maya sites, but has found new passion working with students in Guatemala who are talented, passionate, and down-right fun!

Maker Faires & Mini Maker Faires
Since discovering the maker faire environment in 2013, Tenaya has participated in 30+ faires in the U.S. and Europe.  Tenaya shares her #Arduweenie project and wears #WearableTech to inspire kids to create something difficult and beautiful!