Once upon a time...Tenaya had amazing #LadyMaker girlfriends working at the Tech Museum of Innovation in San Jose.  One summer, we realized that all the children of the museum were so lucky because they got to make all day.  

So we decided to make at night!  After all the school groups and summer camp kids went home...we stayed in the museum and shared our maker skills with each other.  We called it Rogue Making.

Our Misson for

K12 Education

Thank you for considering us to lead a workshop for your school, library, museum, scout troop, makerspace, birthday party, home school group, or team building group!

  • Wearable Tech - sewing with electronics - Age 8+
  • Wearable Tech - soldering the Bliplace, sound reactive jewelry     Age 10+  1-1 parent to child ratio
  • Art Bot - beginning robotics Age 8+
  • Bumble Bot - Age 5+
  • Paper circuits - Age 5+
  • Arduino Programming - Age 10+

Being a maker is what makes us human. Even with the boom of the maker movement, some of us feel there are still restrictions; budget, location, materials, tools.  Go Rogue and make it work with what you've got, teach kids maker skills!

Our goal is to create curriculum & kits to give teachers and parents new options.

What is Rogue Making?

​New!!  10 with Tenaya - an internet Maker show featuring projects and interviews with local makers too!

Tenaya makes time to go to Guatemala with a suitcase full of electronics to teach university students in Guatemala City and younger kids in rural parts of Guatemala.  Rogue Making profits go to bringing electronics to these communities on her annual trip.  Tenaya's favorite part is teaching in Spanish and helping these eager and talented students to increase their potential, dream big, and gain modern maker skills to combine with the skills their community teaches already.

The Lives We Impact

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