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Kids are overwhelmed with school and what is expected of them. Sometimes it's nice to just make something, have a little struggle, and in the end - learn something.  Repetition and practice make you better at something, so make stuff more than once!

Circuits are the center of Rogue Making, combining electronics with crafts.  Try one of Tenaya's kits or book a workshop today.  Tenaya teaches in California, all over the U.S., and in Europe.

* From Berkeley & Lafayette CA

* Indiana University Bachelors Theatre & Drama, Geology, and Anthropology

*Lab instructor at the Tech Museum in San Jose for 2 years *Worked for the Arduino brand for 4 years

About Tenaya

Recently I married James and created a custom LED wedding dress that changed colors to our first-dance song.  He is a biologist and a wonderful partner.

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My grandfather was an electrical engineer, I know he would be proud of me today, inspiring the next generation to try something hard.  My mom was an artist, so combining their 2 careers into my passion is my focus.

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