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Less screen-time

Kids are overwhelmed with school and what is expected of them. Sometimes it's nice to just make something, have a little struggle, and in the end - learn something.  Students who wish to make more find that repetition and practice make you better at something!

Circuits are the center of Rogue Making, combining electronics with crafts.  Try a kit or book a workshop today.  Tenaya teaches in California, all over the U.S., and in Europe.

My grandfather was an electrical engineer, I know he would be proud of me today, inspiring the next generation to try something hard.  My mom was an artist, so combining their 2 careers into my passion is my focus.

About Tenaya

Recently I married James and created a custom LED wedding dress that changed colors to our first-dance song.  He is a biologist and a wonderful partner.

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My Passion

From Berkeley & Lafayette CA

Indiana University Bachelors in: Theatre & Drama, Geology, and Anthropology

Worked for the Arduino brand for 4 years